Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two-fer-Tuesday Release Day!

Dang it! Where are my pom-poms? 

I need ALL THE POM-POMS for this post because we have not one but TWO amazing, fabtaculous Valentines books releasing today! 

Let me first tell you about THE BREAK-UP ARTIST by Philip Siegel. Phil is the token dude amongst the Vals.

See, when we first built the YA Valentines tree house, we were all like, “No boys allowed! Girls rule, boys drool!” But then someone pointed out that Philip is a great guy who wrote a hilarious, incredibly sweet book. So we took a vote and unanimously decided to let him in but JUST HIM. NO ONE ELSE. Plus he made us all brownies and that probably swayed the vote just a bit. Kidding, it was really all about his fabulous book. 

Congratulations, Philip!  
Happy Release Day!

Our other pom-pom-worthy release is by A. Lynden Rolland

Her book, OF BREAKABLE THINGS, is like … sigh.

It’s ethereal, otherworldly, lyrical.

OK, sure, it might occasionally scare you just an eensy-teensy bit, but in an ethereal, otherworldly, lyrical way so don’t worry too much. You'll love it. 

Do you want to know something else very cool about Amy? She's also a gymnastics instructor and she can actually do this: 

 And she can teach you how to do it too.

(Not me. I mean YOU. I’d break my coccyx if I tried that.)

What I’m saying is, she’s as amazing as her book.

Congratulations, Amy! 
Happy Release Day!

Oh, you lucky readers! You're in for such a treat with both of these wonderful books!

Hey! Look. I found my pom-poms. No wonder I couldn't find them before. I forgot they're invisible.

Oh hai *small voice* The above blog post brought to you by Kristen, AKA K-Snap, AKA K to the Snap, AKA @KlipMart, AKA BAMF. And this is Paula, just adding on because I was supposed to shake my invisible pom-poms for one of these books. But we didn't want to do two separate posts because I am lazy things are just more fun when you do them with friends. Maybe not that balance beam flip because, hello traction if I tried something like that. Also, I don't know how to make with the GIFs like Her Royal Snapness does, but maybe someday :-D Hi Kristen! Love yooooooou.

Anyway, THE BREAK-UP ARTIST will make you laugh, and it will make you think about love and relationships and trading in friends for significant others and how that's a bad plan. If you are cynical and jaded about romance (like moi) it might even make you tear up in places.

I have not had the pleasure of reading OF BREAKABLE THINGS yet because I must have drawn the short straw on the ARC tour or something, but I guess that just means I've got some shopping to do. What I can say is that Amy is so passionate about this story and committed to excellence as a writer that I have no doubt I am going to love it.

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate the birthdays of two more amazing YA books!


  1. PS Philip, I never got my brownie! :-D

  2. HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, you two!!!! *flings confetti and cupcakes*

  3. happy, happy, HAPPY book birthday to you both! So excited for you guys and VERY proud of you!

  4. I'll have to look up these titles! And happy release day!

    Rolland's cover looks a lot like the DOLL PARTS cover by Wayne Simmons. Same photographer, maybe?