Shoot a Cupid's Arrow!

We LOVE making fools of ourselves! Well, not really, but we're pretty sure you enjoy when we do, and that makes it all better.

As part of our ongoing expedition to connect, interact, and otherwise spread the LOVE of 2014, we want to get involved with YOU! Thus we have created a weekly segment of our blog called Cupid's Arrows. How it works:

1) Think of a book, character, place, person, or any other (appropriate) thing you want us to profess our LOVE to (Harry Potter? New Zealand? Bacon?).

2) Think of a creative/embarrassing way in which you want us to profess our LOVE to said thing (songs, poems, interpretive dances, paintings, anything that won't get us arrested).

3) Fill out the form below with your suggestions!

One of the Valentines will profess their LOVE via your suggestions every Friday!

Sound like fun? Let the fantastically embarrassing Cupid's Arrow shenanigans begin!

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