Friday, April 25, 2014

Cupid's Arrow: Where I profess my love for TEEN BLOGGERS & REVIEWERS

A very, very long time ago, I was thirteen years old. 

And do you know how I spent my free time?

I was getting my dance on--Astley style.

Rick Astley photo: Rick Astley rickroll1.gif

 I was drooling over a certain prime-time bad boy, 
(I even had an autographed fan letter. *sniffs* True story. #hatethegamenottheplaya)

Kirk Cameron photo: Kirk Cameron Kirk.jpg
 I was reapplying Clearasil,
trying to navigate ever-changing social structures, 
and sneaking peeks of R-rated movies.

Eddie Murphy photo: sexual chocolate sexualchoc.gif
For your youngsters our there, this is a clip from COMING TO AMERICA. A MUST SEE!

What I most definitely was NOT doing was reading unassigned books, reviewing them for the world to see, and promoting their authors at the top of my lungs without payment or any kind of legitimate threat. 

In other words, I was nothing like these amazing teens I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year: 

(A still image for Eli was not available so I asked if I could use this .gif. He said, ...)

Theo James photo: Theo James- Josh giphy-2_zpsd1f05c16.gif

and, Nova.

Of course there are many more new millennium bloggers not included in this post, but please know that The Valentines love and appreciate all of you!!

Now, go forth and read books.
And do your homework. 

(Something I never have to do again. EVER! Mwa ha ha)


  1. I KNOW, RIGHT??? Whenever people grumble about this or that blogger saying this or that or asking for a book or not reviewing a book or etc. etc. I'm always thinking: THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO PROMOTE OUR STUFF FOR FREE :-) I'm still kind of baffled by it. You guys do realize that payment in books, even awesome Valentines' books, is still, like, less than you could make babysitting probably, right?

    Teens and teens-at-heart, IDK why you give so much of your time to supporting authors and publishers, but I'm awfully glad that you do <333

  2. Also, Rick Astley? Really? ;-) He wasn't even cool back in the 90s (80s?)

    Coming to America is a MUST-SEE. I'm always referencing that for what I don't want in a relationship--a formless, blank person who wants to recreate themselves in the image of what they think I want. "I like whatever it is that yoooooou like." *twitch*

  3. YESSSS! The bloggers are our livelihood! Do they know that yet? Maybe we should keep it on the DL. Wouldn't want them knowing how much power they have over us.

    Also, I wish that were true about homework. But there are the mass amounts of research we do for EVERY novel... *coughs*

    1. I know, right? The sheer volume of research I had to do for my kissing scenes made my mouth numb :-D