Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TABULA RASA. Release Day is HERE!

It's here.
Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd!

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Today is the day Kristen Lippert-Martin's stunning debut, 
TABULA RASA, is unveiled for the entire world to see.

I could seriously rave for days about what an intense, gut-wrenching,
thrilling story this is, but rather than smother you with all the adjectives,
I thought I'd offer you a visual play-by-play of my
experience reading this book.


Heidi Klum photo: HEIDI heidi-klum-red.jpg
This is me the day I received the ARC in the mail.
(I know, I know. The camera adds 10 lbs.)
I was cool, calm, collected and ready to dive into this book.

After slipping into something a little less restrictive,
I settled onto my bed and cracked open the brand new ARC.
Within minutes of reading, this happened...

puss n boots photo: puss and boots Puss___n_Boots_.jpg
You see, TABULA RASA is set in a mysterious medical facility in the middle of godknowswhere (it's a place) where they perform "procedures" on their 
patients in an effort to clear their mind of all its' memories. 
It's here where we're introduced to our leading lady, Sarah, 
and the horrific life she endures at the hands of her...doctors.
It was during these early scenes that
Lippert-Martin reached into my chest and starting pounding on my heart.
Three pages in and I. WAS. HOOKED.

biting nails photo:  nailbiting.gif

I kept on reading, and before long my fingernails became
surprisingly tasty; a phenomenon that only happens 
when I'm eating ribs or am incredibly nervous.
For the record, I haven't eaten ribs in years.

 With each page, the tension continued to build,
but so did the swoonable moments.
Which basically meant I was
ping-ponging between this,
stressed photo: Stressed stressed.gif

and this,
swoon photo: Swoon swoonBeautyandtehBeast.gif
I'm not gonna lie guys, I experienced so many conflicting emotions
at one time, I had to reach for one of these

beer photo: Beer beer.jpg

(WARNING: Always drink responsibly. 
Never operate heavy machinery or write pivotal scenes 
while under the influence of alcohol.)

And by the time the book came to a close, this happened 

mind blown photo: Mind blown mindbown.gif

 Guys, this book is THAT good. 
It's intense.
It's heartwarming,
And by the time you finish, you'll be searching for one of these

cigarette photo: Cigarette cigarette.jpg
Do yourself a favor and buy TABULA RASA today. 
It's a ride you won't soon forget.