Tuesday, April 22, 2014


For your ease and peace of mind, I have planned your day for you. Thoughtful of me, right? You're welcome in advance.

So, today, you are going to feast on whatever delicious breakfasty treats you love. Donuts? You get those jelly-filled powder-sugar-covered fried bits of heaven, you sexy beast, you. Pancakes? You grill yourself up some griddle cakes, you crazy mother, you. Bacon? Duh.

Next, dress yourself in your swankiest garb. Glitter? Heck to the yes. Sequins? But of course.

Next, plop yourself in your method of transportation. Bicycle? Strap on that helmet, you lover of safety, you. Car? Gas up, baby. Pegasus? Saddle that bad boy and hold on tight.

Next, get thee to the nearest bookstore. Barnes and Noble? Grab yourself a Frappe. Local indie? Extra whipped cream on that Frappe, you local-supporting badass, you.

Next, locate Anne Blankman's PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG. Found it? Of course you did. How could you miss this cover?

Grab up that glorious beast and skip yourself over to the checkout. Purchase that glorious beast. Read that glorious beast. Weep for that glorious beast, because it is perfection in the form of WWII historical wonder.

Then go wish Anne Blankman a HAPPY FREAKIN' RELEASE DAY!

(Or you can buy PRISONER online because letsfaceit who actually goes outside anymore.)


  1. Bacon and sexy beasts. THIS is what blogging is all about.

    Happy Release Day!! I have been DYING to get my paws on this book. FINALLY!!

  2. THIS BOOK OMG OMG OMG THIS BOOK. I LOVED Anne's book so hard. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. And Sara, thank you for such a lovely celebratory post. You are the best lifesaver ever.:)

    Congrats sweet Anne!

  3. HOORAY!!! Happy release, Anne! This is SUCH a fabulous book!!! <3

  4. LOL! This post is made of awesome- just like I'm sure Fog is! Congrats to Anne, I've heard nothing but great things about her debut.