Friday, November 8, 2013

Writerly Habitats Contest #5!

**The winner of our last Writerly Habitats contest is Alyssa Susanna! 
Sara B. Larson will be sending you that surprise box
which I'm sure does not contain any snakes. 
Or, at least, not all that many snakes. Congratulations, Alyssa!**

Now. Onto new matters. Who could possibly sit at this desk, I wonder?

Well, of course *I* know, but you should try to figure it out. Go on. Do please scour this photo for clues.

*waits impatiently*

No, no, no. You're looking in the wrong places. I'll give you a hint. The owner of this desk writes about ancient, unearthly powers unleashed upon the unsuspecting modern world. So put your monocle on its highest setting and see if you can make out anything incriminating written on the dry erase board to the right of the desk. Perhaps something like, “Human sacrifice, noon; pick up a Box o’Joe at DD to bring.” Something like that.

I will tell you this much. The Resident Feline Overlord is missing from the picture. Yes, like so many writers, the owner of this desk normally toils under the watchful eye of a fuzzy, demanding overseer.  

Obviously the reason the cat is not in the picture is because the desk is unattended. As we all know, cats cannot tolerate a human who is exhibiting signs of industry. The steady gaze of someone trying to concentrate on a computer screen is especially loathsome to them. Had the owner of this desk been hard at work, however, a cat would have appeared within five seconds to sit upon the keyboard and swish its tail back and forth in a most distracting manner. 
You know what you’re supposed to do now.  A comment = a guess = an entry to win something cool. And this week’s prize is a copy of Bridget Zinn’s POISON. 

Let the comment-guessing begin! But, please, don’t think too hard about it because that will attract the cats.


  1. I think Nova's right (erm, maybe we should rename the pics?)

    1. But I would have guessed it anyway 'cause of all the goddess books on that shelf!

    2. LOL yeah I pointed that out to Sara R )or whoever ran the YA Val twitter at the time!) on twitter last time. ;P I saw it then felt like I was cheating so decided not to comment

  2. I'm going to have to go with Jen McConnel too. But what I see on the dry erase board is.. something like "October 1 or 23rd, painting voucher, living social." I don' think this is exactly correct... LOL

  3. I wouldn't have known it was Jen McConnel if I hadn't seen Jaye Brown's comment! I forgot about the picture titles.