Friday, November 22, 2013

Birthday post!

Amy Rolland here. This is the happiest of Fridays (for me, at least) because it's my birthday!! Hooray!!!

Bahahaha. So I had to choose this image because, for one, I couldn't stop giggling at the monkey butt (I'm extremely mature for my old age), and two, my kids picked it out. They've been watching Ice Age: Continental Drift over and over (and over...) again, and they've picked up on a darling little phrase: "Kick his monkey BUTT!" Even my two-year-old is now telling people in the grocery store in his angelic little voice: "kick his monkey butt; kick his monkey butt." It's special. My five-year-old tries to say it without getting into trouble by spewing out: "Butt? Butt, but it's in a kid's movie. Butt? Butt? Why is that a potty word? Potty, potty, potty. Butt, butt, butt. Butts go in the the potty." For for my birthday, all I want is for my children to leave their Tourette syndrome at home.

So for today's post, the Valentine crew answered one of the following:
-What they wish for on their next birthday
-What their main character might wish for on their next birthday
-What they will do on their BOOK birthday

. Fun stuff! 

Lindsay Cummings

On my book bday I'm getting the same tattoo Meadow has in The Murder Complex!                                               

-Lindsay Cummings, THE MURDER COMPLEX

Sara Raasch

My MC would wish for a home. Being a refugee makes life rather bare, so all Meira wants is a place where she can be safe -- and not just any place, but Winter. 

- Sara Raasch, SNOW LIKE ASHES


Charley's wish for a perfect birthday? Easy. Hanging out with Thad, in Atlanta, watching a movie and just chilling out--because it would mean they both survived NIL, and found each other in this world.

- Lynne Matson, NIL

Bethany Hagen

On my next birthday, I'm wishing for a case of beer and The Hollow Crown DVD set (for Hiddles reasons.)

 - Bethany Hagen, LANDRY PARK

Daughter of Chaos

Darlena hopes her seventeenth birthday will be way better than being sixteen; declaring to Red Magic and learning she had the power to blow up the world sort of made it a rough year for her.  She's just wishing for a normal celebration at home with her witchy parents...cake, a magical fire, and some flashy spells; you know, the usual.  She also wouldn't say no to a forbidden kiss from Justin, the ex she can't stop thinking about, but that's not a gift she's prepared to ask for.


Defy (Defy, #1)

For Alexa's birthday, she would celebrate having made it another year without her secret being discovered, and she'd love to get a new dagger or some more arrows to add to her weapons collection. 
 - Sara B. Larson, DEFY

Kristen Lippert-Martin

My MC would wish for VENGEANCE.

- Kristen Lippert-Martin, TABULA RASA

Bethany Crandell

Cricket would say, "World peace *dies laughing* A wheelchair free night with my hot boyfriend, obviously."

-Bethany Crandell, SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS

Prisoner of Night and Fog (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #1)

The sequel to PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG starts on Gretchen's  birthday. I can't say more without giving away too much, but she does NOT get what she wants. 

The Art of Lainey

For her birthday, Lainey wants to go see the new Caleb Waters movie, Flyboys, with her friend Bianca. Caleb Waters is a soccer champion turned movie star, and both Lainey and Bee have idolized him forever.

  - Paula Stokes, THE ART OF LAINEY


For her birthday, Becca would want the new Cynthia Swann bag (to paraphrase Cher from Clueless: "She like...a totally important designer.") or some other designer fashion merch. That's what she usually buys with her Break-Up Artist income.
- Philip Siegel, THE BREAK-UP ARTIST

Jaye Robin Brown

For her birthday, Amber would be flabbergasted to have her best friend, Devon, and his brother, Will, take her on a road trip to Nashville. It'd get even better when she found out they'd figured out a way to get her on to the empty stage of the Grand Ole Opry so she could see what it would be like to sing there.
- Jaye Robin Brown, NO PLACE TO FALL

Burn Out

For my MC's next birthday, she would love to have found a way off of Earth--preferably to a planet that still has air and water.
  -Kristi Helvig, BURN OUT 

Of Breakable Things

After Chase is gone, Alex only wishes for no more birthdays. 
 - A. Lynden Rolland, OF BREAKABLE THINGS


  1. Happy birthday again Amy!! Hope you get your wish! (and i totally feel your pain. My kid's new favorite word is stupid--which isn't THAT bad, as far as bad words go, except when it goes like this, "Mommy. you're STUPID." then thwack, I get smacked by something. Ah, the joys.)

    1. I could probably spew out a string of curse words and my kids wouldn't blink. But I say stupid or hate, and my five year old tells me to go to timeout. I guess it's a good thing they don't know those other words and consider the mild ones to be "timeout worthy"! #mommyproblems

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anne!! I spoke to a group of students early in the week, and one of them brought up Night by Elie Wiesel - the Anne Frank, so of course I brought up Prisoner of Night and Fog, and their mouths fell open (in a good way)

  3. I love this Amy! Great job! :D Hope your birthday is awesome and you don't have to be a big mean mommy and kick any monkey butts today..;)

  4. Monkey's or otherwise, butts are fun!!!

    happy birthday, lovely!