Friday, October 18, 2013

Writerly Habitats, No. 4!

Oh, dear!

Oh, heavens!

Oh, my!

I hope you have a dry hanky at the ready, preferably one that was embroidered with your initials by your arthritic maiden aunt, because we have the saddest of sad tales today on the Valentines blog!

Yes, this is another opportunity for you to guess which author belongs to the “desk” shown below, but I tell you, good people, this particular writerly habitat is, well, it’s terribly, terribly sad!


How, I ask you, does the owner of this work space get anything done when there is no door to close the world out? I know not. I also have it on good authority that while at work, this writer simultaneously watches her children, tends a flock of sheep, and churns her own butter.

So here's the picture. Who do you suppose sits here to write?

I know, right? It’s a dining room table! What is the Victorian equivalent of saying, “I can’t even”? I don’t know, but I wish I did because I would say it right now.

(By the way, is that The Little Mermaid on television in the background? How could anyone work with that kind of distraction going on?)

Please, I beg of you, kind readers, insert a few coins into your USB slot so we might take up a collection to get this woeful writer a desk.

Thank you for your donation.
Oh, and make your guess about who this habitat belongs to in comments below, because a comment enters you to win what's inside this MYSTERY BOX.

I can't tell you what's in there because telling you would give the whole thing away, but I will say that it's a cool thing and no one else you know will have one. 

Get thee to the comment form!


  1. I'm guessing this is Sara Larson's

  2. My money is on Sara too! The detective in me is trying to gather clues. She just moved into a new house and that looks like builder-colored paint into the background. And I think there's a earring on the table, and Sara seems like an earring-wearing kind of girl.

  3. My first guess was Sara Larson as well, but for the sake of a different answer... maybe Kristi?

  4. My guess would be Sara Larson or Bethany Crandell.

  5. Like all these other people who posted. I believe it is Sara B. Larson's lovely dining table!

  6. What I want to know is:
    WHERE IS ALL THE STUFF? You know, the NECESSARY writerly stuff, including post-its, scribbley papers, coffee mugs, chocolate, more chocolate, phone to check twitter while pretending not to be on the internet, still more chocolate, etc.?

    This is like the display home equivalent to a writerly habitat :)

  7. Also, I can probably never do one of these posts because my computer is so full of cat hair that people would laugh at me :)

  8. ACK I TOTALLY CHEATED (not by looking at the comments but another way.) but Sara Larson. I AM SO SORRY AESJFKLJ;SDLKJF

    Also. I see the tweetdeck app is being used. I approve

    1. LOL Nikki, you *would* figure out how to cheat and enter. *pats head*

    2. I thought tweetdeck was dead? Mine died and I couldn't redownload it except for weird colored tweetdecks that didn't work. Even one called tweetdark which should be way more epic with that name. *kicks twitter for mobile*

    3. Also, you looked at the code, didn't you? This is why I always name my files for 'Where in the World' like "special place.jpg" BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE TRICKY.

    4. How exactly was this cheating accomplished Nikki?? ;-) (and also, it's funny that the post is all about how pathetic the author is and everyone's all IT'S SARA!! hahaha!)

      And Paula, mine was being totally horrendous so I uninstalled it and then re-installed it and now it works! (not that I'm admitting it's me or anything...)(just saying I use tweetdeck)(uh, yeah...)

  9. LOL mystery box, cool! I think it's Sara Larson's desk. She has three kids, I believe, and kids watch Disney movies. That's my guess ;)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!