Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweet Six Interview with Mary Gray

Hey, everyone!  Happy June; can you believe we're already into the summer?   Before we get to our next Sweet Six, I wanted to announce the winner from Friday's Cupid's Arrow Spin:

Emily Rachelle, you're the lucky winner!  We'll be in touch via email with you this week to work out the details.


Now, I'm thrilled to bring you a Sweet Six interview with Mary Gray.  Her YA debut, The Dollhouse Asylum, will be out in October from Spencer Hill Press.  She's a delightful lady and a great writer, and I'm so excited to be able to introduce her to y'all.  Enjoy!

1) Tell us about your book!

It's about a group of teenagers who are granted asylum from the apocalypse, only to be forced to re-enact tragic, literary couples... or die. It's half dystopian, half subtle horror told by an eighteen-year-old girl, Cheyenne, who's trapped by the man she both loves and hates.

2) What scene in your book do you LOVE the most?

Hard question! I would probably have to say the second kissing scene. It's reeking of duality in that Cheyenne's feeling so many things at once. Plus, it happens in the rain, which is always nice. I remember writing it in the library, then wanting to jump my husband's bones when I got home. A nice memory.

3) If you had to pick a character you LOVE (and not your own!), who would you pick and why?

Well I just finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I would have to say Buffy because she has this amazing inner strength, and Spike because he's so complex, is hilarious while trying to be so terrifying, and he grows so much.

4) What's the craziest/most memorable valentine you've ever received?

My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day eleven years ago. I didn't see it coming. I was so in shock when he had the ring that I just kept saying "Oh my gosh," over and over again until he had to ask again since I forgot to say yes.

5) If you were a Brach's Heart, what phrase would be written on you?

"Massage Me." Because I need more of those. I'm a mom.

6) The all-important choice: flowers or candy?

Chocolate baked goodies or flowers/plants in the ground! I've planted so many fun plants this year (first time ever) and am obsessing on how they're doing. Banana trees, cannas (flowers that grow five feet tall!), a palm tree, and many others. I'm loving it! Chocolate goodies if I don't have to keep the calories.

Catch up with Mary online:


  1. Love your cover! And a proposal on Valentine's Day? The epitome of romantic :0)

  2. Eeeps! That cover is creeptastic and what an inventive concept--extra candy hearts for you! ♥ ♥

  3. Thanks for the interview, Mary! *showers you with calorie-free chocolate*

  4. Great interview! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your cover is deliciously creepy. And the concept is so intriguing.

  5. That sounds like such a kick-ass premise for a book! Plus kissing in the rain! I'm so there.

  6. "It's about a group of teenagers who are granted asylum from the apocalypse, only to be forced to re-enact tragic, literary couples... or die."

    If I knew how to make those fun animated gifs I would totally have to make one of Chris from Family Guy going WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT? because that is one of the most awesome (and bizarro!) blurbs I have ever read.

    On a related note, I tried to google to find a youtube of what I meant and came across listing for Family Guy p0rn and now I'm a little bit traumatized because cartoon people just should not do that ;)

    Fantastic interview. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, Jen!

  7. Thanks for allowing me space on your blog to do this interview! Glad someone else is sold on the concept of kissing in the rain. Mmmmmm.