Friday, June 28, 2013

CUPID'S ARROW: Avocado Chocolate Cake!

This arrow is courtesy of Eli Yanti!  Eli wanted me to profess my love for avocado chocolate cake!  Ok, yes, I had my reservations as well, but really, it is super delicious, sort of healthy and vegan (if that's your thing.)

The recipe is courtesy of Joy the Baker.  (And I apologize in advance for all the 1920's music.  It was the only royalty free music I could find that didn't involve a synthesizer.)


  1. Snap. I want to hang in your grandma's kitchen. My kind of lady. Okay, the frosting. Sort of squeevy looking. I love avocados and I think the taste combo would be okay but just the look of it....*shudders*

  2. I know, Jaye! I took it to my book club at the library and had to force feed it to people, but after they tasted it, they said it was delicious! And the best part is that it is healthy-ish--it's two avocados and sugar as opposed to a stick of Crisco and sugar :)

  3. So, we need to start a Valentines' cooking show. YES.

    And yes, I want to hang in your grandma's kitchen too. PAR-TAY!

  4. I got the cake when I was birthday 2 years ago, really delicious. I just hope I have the recipe.

  5. You know, I missed this vid because my revisions were due two days later and I was pounding the keyboard deep within a bunker in my basement. This is hilarious and I so, so appreciate the way you brought drinking into your baking video. I want to hang out with your grandma sometime.

    Yeah, that green icing would be a hard well for me but I'd give it a try. Maybe. If I'd had enough Wild Turkey first.