Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Six Interview with NATALIE WHIPPLE!

I'm super excited to present our Sweet Six interview with … with…

*extreme hyperventilation in progress*

Someone please get me a paper bag to breathe into before I pass out!





Ohmigosh. Where’s that house elf with my smelling salts?

OK, sure, you probably already follow her blog. You probably already follow her on Twitter. You probably already pre-ordered Transparent, which just happens to be out TODAY. But you don’t know how she’ll answer these hard-hitting questions about candy. READ ON and prepare for the shock and awe, my friends!

1) Tell us about your book!

It's rectangular and has three hundred and...wait, that's not what you meant, huh. Oh fine, TRANSPARENT is about an invisible girl who runs away from her mob boss father in search of a normal life instead of crime. When you're the only one of your kind, even an invisible girl can't hide forever.

2) What scene in your book do you LOVE the most?

Well, the scene I love the most is a massive spoiler, so I will tell you the scene I love second best. It takes place in a Taco Bell. There is a burrito-eating contest, awkward conversations, intense competition, confusing crushes, and new understanding. I know, who knew so much awesome could happen at a Taco Bell?

3) If you had to pick a character you LOVE (and not your own!), who would you pick and why?

Cricket Bell from LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins. I don't even have to think twice about that. Seriously, he is my one true fictional crush. Cricket is pretty much everything I would have crushed on as a teen (and even now if it weren't so creepy old-lady stalker)—the pants and the tallness and the hair and the weird hobbies and the EVERYTHING. I always tell people they can have Étienne (from ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS) but Cricket is MINE BACK OFF LADIES.

4) What's the craziest/most memorable valentine you've ever received?

A water heater. No joke. One cold winter morning I walked out my front door to go to school and there was a beat up water heater on my porch. It had a poster taped to it that said, "Dear Natalie, Here's a water heater. Will you go to the Valentine's Dance with me?"

It was freaking awesome, and of course I said yes! Because, hello, a WATER HEATER.

5) If you were a Brach's Heart, what phrase would be written on you?

"Don't touch me. I'm prickly." I've never been much for lovey dovey stuff...and I really do have a giant personal bubble.

6) The all-important choice: flowers or candy?

Candy, duh. Dark chocolate. All the dark chocolate.

Thank you so much, Natalie! 

Well, what are you all waiting for? Go! Go to the bookstore now and get TRANSPARENT!


  1. I think my favorite answer is always what people would put on their Brach's hearts. It's so interesting and all authors are different!

    Can't wait to read this one. I actually hadn't seen the premise and it sounds very fun.


    seriously guys, BUY IT! it's so unique in all the best ways, and fiona is fantastic.


  3. I've been dying to read this book FOREVER. So now I'm stalking, er, watching for the UPS dude like a crazy person!:)

    So excited for you Natalie! Thanks for hanging out with the Valentines! *sends dark chocolate and poster of Cricket* :)

  4. Congratulations, Natalie! I remember your blog post from a few years back about rejection and being so close to getting pubbed - truly inspiring to follow your journey to publication!! TRANSPARENT sounds so cool, I'm going to snap this one right up!

  5. A water heater??? Points for a creative Valentine! Congratulations on your release...I can't wait to get my copy!

  6. I love Etienne, but he's short... Cricket is dang awesome. Nice choice. And I'd have to add a certain someone from TRANSPARENT isn't too shabby, either... :) :) Congrats on the awesome release party last night!