Friday, April 26, 2013

Cupid's Arrow: Haikus for Little Debbie

This one goes out to PaulaCohen-Martin, who asked the Valentines to profess our love of Little Debbie through Haiku.

Well, Paula, you came to the right place, because I could wax poetic about Little Debbie cakes for hours.  In fact...

When I was little
I tried to peel the snack cakes
before I would eat.

I still do this now,
getting the thin chocolate
layer off to start.

No one understands
that Swiss Cake Rolls were meant to
be eaten this way.

Zebra Cakes, a rare
treat, are always delicious,
more than remembered.

More rare than those are
the Christmas trees; once a year
is never enough.

But, oh, the sublime,
soft, sweetness of the special
oatmeal pies; divine!

My favorite treat
would appear in my lunch box
just often enough

To spark my wishes
and make me yearn for the sweet,
oh-so delicious

Cakes.  Swiss Rolls, Trees, or
Oatmeal pies, doesn’t matter,
Little Debbie rocks!

Photo by Duncan, 2012

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  1. Somehow I think "waxing" poetic is right. Those not really chocolate coatings made me suspicious. Though, I do love the occasional Oatmeal Creme Pie - as long as I never find out the true ingredient list for the filling!

    Great job, Jen! And thanks Paula for shooting us an arrow.

    1. Blissful ignorance is the way to enjoy most desserts! :)

  2. And now I want a Ho-Ho...I swear, these Arrows are going to make me gain 50lbs!

    1. Cookies, Twinkies, chocolate...I see what you mean!

  3. And now I'm craving sweets yet again! Love this, great job!