Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Announcing . . . 2015!

Hello lovelies! It's 2015.



Where did 2014 go????!!!! 


Oh that's right! 2014 flew by in a haze of books . . . including our 14 debut novels. :)

And now there's some cool new kids in town. Have you checked out all the awesome 2015 debut groups? Like . . . The Fearless Fifteeners, the Freshman Fifteens and Class of 2K15?

Go! Meet the authors! Check out their books! And give them a chance like you gave us.:) 
We're ever grateful. *hugs all of our readers*

So . . . 

we Vals are no longer debut novelists. 

After much talk and emailing and shared feels among our Valentine group, we have an announcement: we've decided to end our blog. 


But we're not going anywhere! All of us have projects and plans in the works, and we're not taking down the blog. You can still pop in here and find us, or go directly to our websites. We just won't be posting here anymore.

And to ease this info in slowly, TODAY WE'RE NOT EVEN SAYING GOOD-BYE! We're saving all the tears and good-byes and hugs and thank you for next month . . .

because shouldn't the YA VALENTINES end on VALENTINE'S DAY?! 
Of course we should. :) 

Pop over and hang out with us next month, on February 14th, for our last -- and naturally epic -- post.

In the meantime, go check out the new kids in town.:)

*sends all the Val love* 

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