Friday, December 19, 2014

Cupid's Arrow: I Heart Books

Jen here, ready to offer my epic love of all things bookish with poetry (thanks so much to Beth for shooting us this arrow!).

An Ode to Books

Piled on the coffee table
stacked upon the shelves
paperbacks and hardcovers
precariously balance themselves
books from the local library
titles from the small bookstore
invisible copies of eBooks, too
waiting on devices
and yet, 
there's always room for more!

Titles of adventure
and stories of days of old
brand new books with unbroken spines
itching for me to hold.
Fiction and nonfiction
cozied up together
stories of romance, or murder,
or danger,
perfect to read
in any weather!

Oh, my precious beauties,
my wonderful little friends,
I love our time together,
even when the story ends.
Books, you have fed my soul
and nourished my heart, too
there will never be another
that I love as much
as you...

But look! There's something new
waiting on my shelf-
thus begins another love,
and each story becomes part of 


May you find lots of magical books waiting for you this holiday season!

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