Friday, July 25, 2014

CUPID'S ARROW: In which I proclaim my love for... GIFS!

Hi, I'm Bethany and I'm a .gif addict.

It's true.

In the last few months, I've become completely addicted to GIFS. Not because they're a lazy busy writer's BFF when it comes to whipping out a blog post, but because there's some great imagery clogging up the Internet and sometimes a perfectly-placed visual is the BEST way to make a word come to life.

For example, if I wanted to say I was happy that today is Friday, I could simply say, 

But wouldn't it be more impactful if I attached this little number to that statement?

happy photo: happy jadsleld12.gif

Now you KNOW how happy I am, right?

Or, in this case, I could tell you I was feeling blue because I stubbed my toe last night while taking out the trash. This might tug on your heartstrings for about half a second, but that's nothing compared to the emotions this visual will conjure up:

Charlie Sheen photo: charlie sheen psych_distress.gif

Whoops, that's the image I searched on for 'train wreck'.
I meant this one: *apologizes*

sad photo: Sad tumblr_lmv5baKd7u1qeieozo1_400.gif're feeling something now aren't you?!

And it gets even better!

Por ejemplo:

Exhausted = exhausted photo:  funny-gifs-another-day-is-over.gif  

Hysterical = hysterical photo:  tumblr_lihcrkFcVz1qa1p7d.gif

worried photo: Justin Timberlake - Worried tumblr_m4v5ny27QA1r0j8as.gif
Nervous =

Adorable = puppy photo: Puppy tumblr_m0soh3iKL71qfyogko1_500.gif

If you're not feeling these GIFS, then your heart is frozen and the cold never bothered you anyway...
frozen photo: let the storm rage on! 5icfb_zpsf61e1274.gif

But if you're an emotion-driven being like the good Lord intended you to be, then you'll not only support my love of GIFS but you'll embrace it yourself.
hug photo: Hug tumblr_lmjx7xcx8i1qhvsx7.gif


  1. Cute post girl! I haven't mastered the art of GIF posting yet. You'll have to give a class in the cave..:)


  3. I need a class too, Bethany! I don't know where to find these or how to make these or, well, I really don't know much of anything. #helpmee

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