Friday, February 28, 2014

Writerly Habitats Contest, Number 6! Lightning Round!

It’s been a while, my friends.

I hope your guessing muscles haven't gotten gross and flabby this winter because we've got another installment of the Writerly Habitats game for you right now!

I’ve got a real stumper for you this week so point your peepers at this picture, #ValPals!

Who sits at this desk, weaving the words that give you ALL THE FEELS?

I can see that you’re squinting, trying to examine the little details. Go ahead. Increase your screen resolution if you must and enlarge the photo to scrutinize for clues, even though that’s totally unsportsmanlike, if you ask me. I mean, why don’t you just go back through all the previous Writerly Habitats photos and eliminate who’s already be featured, which will increase the likelihood of guessing correctly?


Why did I just tell you that? I’m practically handing you the answer!

Well, when you think you know whose desk this is, leave a comment below. Every comment enters you to win, and even a wrong guess counts.*

This week’s winner will receive a copy of Jennifer Echols’ SUCH A RUSH.

Get to it now, and NO CHEATING, you cheatery cheats. I see you aiming that electron microscope of yours at the picture already.

*Void in Missouri.**

**OK, fine. This contest is not really void in Missouri. I was just kidding about that. I know I shouldn’t poke fun at you Missourians. I mean, if you’re living in Missouri right now, you’ve got enough problems as it is, right?


  1. Paula Stokes. I have no reason for my guess lol

  2. I'm going w/Jaye Robin Brown. And I won't disclose my reasons, lol!

  3. According to Kristin, the winner is LEANDRA WALLACE! And you are correct, this is my habitat. In fact, it's my grandmother's desk. The non-functioning clock belonged to my other grandmother (who also gave me the little rowing rabbit candle holder for a holiday gift one year). I'm a sentimentalist!