Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Sweet Six Interview with Agent Jennifer Unter

I'm super excited to day to be hanging out today with the fabulous Jennifer Unter. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER I CAN'T EVEN. In case you didn't know, she's my agent, and she is AMAZING.

I adore Jennifer, so much that I asked her to come on the Valentine's blog and share some super sekrit Jennifer scoop . (Sure. Part of me wanted to keep her ALL TO MYSELF but I'm a Valentine...and we're all about sharing the book/agent/imprint love.:D) 

Before we get to Jennifer's interview, here's a bit about the Unter Agency and Jennifer herself:

The Unter Agency, LLC was founded in 2008 by Jennifer Unter. Before starting her own agency, Ms. Unter worked in many aspects of the publishing industry: in editorial at a publishing house; as a copyright lawyer at an entertainment law firm; and as VP at a literary agency. The Unter Agency represents quality fiction and general nonfiction, with a particular interest in memoir, food/cooking, nature/environment, biography, pop culture, travel/adventure, true crime, politics and health/fitness. The Unter Agency also represents all types of children's literature (picture books, middle grade, and young adult).  

The Unter Agency is currently accepting submissions. Interested authors can look at the website at www.theunteragency.com.

Ready to learn more about Jennifer? I thought so! Without further ado . . . 

The Valentine's Sweet Six! 

Jennifer, what is your favorite YA character?

Meg Murray from the Wrinkle In Time series. She’s intuitive and strong without knowing it, which makes her so endearing.

What was your favorite non-client read of last year?

I’m reading Patti Smith’s JUST KIDS and loving it!

What do you love most about being an agent?

I love the excitement of discovering a new author and getting their work out into the world. That feeling never gets old!

What's the craziest/most memorable Valentine you've ever received?

Most memorable is one of the first with my husband: a drawn bubble bath, flower petals, votives, and him as personal back washer!

If you were a Brach's heart, what phrase would be written on you?


The all important choice: flowers or candy?

Chocolate, please!

Jennifer, I think you may have just picked the best Brach's heart EVER. And your Valentine...*swoon*!

Thank you SO much for hanging out with us today! And on a personal note, thank you for making my debut novel, NIL, possible. Without you I wouldn't be a YA Valentine. It's been an amazing year.:)

*throws around Brach's hearts stamped with READ BOOKS in Jennifer's honor*

Happy Tuesday everyone! And writers looking for representation, don't forget to check out The Unter Agency!


  1. Pretty sure we need READ BOOKS as our official Valentine candy heart. We need T-shirts, guys!

    Great interview! Thanks for introducing us to your fab agent!

  2. READ BOOKS! I would so eat those, if someone got those printed :D